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Standing together during the crisis

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

We have helped as much as we could with all our heart during the lockdown of March 2020.

Donations of masks, toys, t-shirts were made during the March 2020 lockdown and we wanted to support various branches through various actions.

Let's stand together !

The group responded to a call for donations for the child psychiatry unit of the Centre Hospitalier Ouest de La Réunion. It was important to us to act for the children in great fragility.

We also supported the actors exposed!

Because every gesture counts we also donated masks and hydroalcoholic gel to our heroes and heroines in the first line of the fight against the covid-19 virus.

The masks and gels were given to the Albert Barbot residence, the Saint-Louis and Saint-Joseph Ehpad, as well as to private doctors and nurses and to the Proxim services association for its home helpers who take care of the elderly.

Thank you to the medical profession and to the assistance service at home, from all our hearts with you!

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